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Steven Glover

Father Engagement Program Manager | Seeds of Life Home Base

Steven Glover has been with the company since August of 2019. Mr. Glover has assisted men and families for over the past twenty-five years, having previously served as an North American Mission Board appointed SBC missionary.

The Father Engagement program focuses on helping men develop their parental and co-parenting skills for the betterment of the entire family. Our Father Engagement Workers (FEW) approach to achieving the goal of parental enhancement is through objectives such as: One-on-One Instruction (National Fatherhood Initiative Curriculum); Therapist lead Group Session; Accessing Resources; Mental and Psychological Assessments; Relationship building and bonding; Supervised Visitations; Coaching; etc.

Our final destination is not just father/child reunification but advanced skill development for continual and consistent engagement with their children. 

Throughout his tenure, multiple families have been reunified and fathers have

been developed into better parents, plus partners.

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