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Father Engagement

Services are provided by our Father Engagement Workers (F.E.W's) to assist dads with strengthening parental relationships; enhancing co-parenting skills; promoting positive family interaction; collaboration with DCS; and others involved in the lives of their children.The goal is the development of a healthy, fully functioning family, leading to the upbringing of children who are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced.


Home Based Casework

Services are provided to reduce child maltreatment, improve parenting/care-taking and coping skills, enhance family resilience, support healthy and nurturing relationships, as well as children’s physical, mental, emotional and educational well-being.  The primary purpose of Home Base Casework is to preserve, support, and assist with stabilizing families, while promoting the well­being of children, youth, and families. 



Homemaker/Parent Aid

Services provide assistance and support for parents who are unable to appropriately fulfill parenting and/or homemaking functions. Parent Aids assist the family through advocating, teaching, demonstrating, monitoring, and/or role modeling new, appropriate skills for coping with the following areas in an effort to build self-sufficiency.




Home Based Therapy

Services are structured, goal-oriented, and provided in the natural environment of families who need assistance recovering from physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect. Other issues, including substance abuse, mental illness, personality/behavior disorder, developmental disability, dysfunctional family of origin, may be addressed in the course of treating the abuse/neglect. Our therapists provide family and/or individual therapy



Supervised Visitation

Services are provided to parents/children and/or siblings who have been separated.  Our supervised visitation services allow children an opportunity to reconnect and reestablish the parent/child/sibling relationship in a safe environment. While also allowing our providers to assess the relationship between the child and parent and to assist the parent in strengthening their parenting skills and developing new skills.

Supervised visitation may be held at one of our family visitation facilities; neutral sites such as parks, fast food restaurants with playgrounds, or shopping malls; child’s own home or relative’s home; foster home; or other location as deemed appropriated by the referring agency and other parties involved in the child’s case taking into consideration the child’s physical safety and emotional well-being. 

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