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Shawna Webster

Director | Seeds of Life Home Base

Shawna started out meandering down a career path that was not fulfilling her passion, but it lead her to where she is today. As an officer at the Rockville Correctional Facility for Women, Shawna Webster often talked with the offenders about their children and heard 

devastating stories about siblings being split up and displaced because of incarceration. Her heart was heavy for these kids, but she couldn't see much hope from her position inside the prison walls. 


Shawna decided to do something to make a difference. She left her job at the facility and began working for a foster care agency in Marion County, where she started out as a case manager and then became the program supervisor. In April 2008, Shawna started Seeds of Life Home Base Services, LLC. Her business licenses foster homes, places children and oversees those placements on behalf of the Department of Child Services. They also provide programs that teach foster caregivers how to care for the kids properly. 


Seeds of Life also recognized the need to support families when they're separated, so they offer parent aid, counseling services and family visitation services. Business is growing, with a central office in Indianapolis and two family visitation centers - one in Indianapolis and one in Anderson, with further expansion on the horizon. 


Shawna is most proud of her humble beginnings as an entrepreneur, when she started out with a microwave stand from Goodwill as her desk. "I knew that, if I could be financially disciplined and carry out the sevices God placed on my heart, my latter days would be full of prosperity." 

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